nothing i do for the rest of my life will ever top this

Don’t you hate it when you say brilliant things to yourself at 4am but then you don’t write them down and then you forget what you said because I do that all the goddamn time and it’s so frustrating

Let’s play “how long does it take for me to write up a 2,500 word essay”

Just had a dude come up to me (in the psyc labs) and ask me for advice on life i.e. should he continue with pharmacy here or go back to Canada to finish his studies haha mate I’m sorry my external appearance of “having my life together” fooled you, I wish I could have given better advice than “just stick it out” cause that’s essentially what I’m doing right now.


#i’m just trying to get through this


#i’m just trying to get through this

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someone said it

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Does Doctor Who like asks?



Do we? (ooo).

Reading an abstract typed in caps feels a bit uncomfortable it’s as if the researcher was shouting out his research to me